Re-Balancing your soul has something to do with going back from when you were born, after the very first time you cry which is echoed around the world to find a member of your ancestor that is compatible with your behavior to guide you throughout your life journey.

Where is your soul originated?

The soul is started the very first time you cry after your birth. This effect in spirituality is consistent and can be crucial when not paying enough attention to your born spirit as this spirit serve as a bridge to connect you to other sprit branches.

You may want to know what is spirit branches “spirit branches are branches of spiritual protection and guidance such as, health, power, money, love and other beneficial spiritual aspect needed to survive the harsh environment throughout your lifespan.

At the moment of birth, the soul becomes connected to the body, animating it and giving it life, from there your soul stay with you throughout your entire life, however depend on your exposure your soul could be taken away or suppressed.

Introduction to Spiritual Equilibrium

The concept of soul balancing is often associated with spiritual and metaphysical beliefs. It involves the idea that an individual’s soul, which is considered the eternal and non-physical essence of a person, can become imbalanced or disrupted. The imbalance may be caused by various factors, such as negative experiences, unresolved emotions, or spiritual disharmony.

Proponents of soul balancing believe that restoring harmony and balance to the soul is essential for overall well-being and personal growth. This process may involve practices such as meditation, energy healing, chakra balancing, and other spiritual or holistic approaches. The goal is to address and resolve any blockages or disturbances within the individual’s spiritual energy, promoting a sense of inner peace, clarity, and alignment.

It’s important to note that the concept of soul balancing varies across different spiritual and philosophical traditions. Some may view it as a means of achieving enlightenment, while others see it as a way to connect with higher spiritual realms. Ultimately, the understanding and practices associated with soul balancing can differ based on individual beliefs and cultural or religious backgrounds.

The journey of the soul from birth to present

1. Birth and Origin: The journey typically begins with the soul coming into existence at the moment of birth. Different belief systems may have varying views on the origin of the soul, whether it’s created anew at birth or carries a pre-existing essence.

2. Early Development: In the early stages of life, the soul is undergoing formative experiences and lessons. These experiences contribute to the soul’s growth, shaping its character and spiritual identity.

3. Learning and Evolution: Throughout life, the soul is embark on a path of learning, evolution, and self-discovery. This may involve facing challenges, making choices, and experiencing both joy and sorrow as the soul navigates its journey.

4. Connections and Relationships: The soul is forming connections and relationships with other souls during its journey. These relationships can be significant sources of growth, love, and companionship, contributing to the soul’s overall development.

5. Purpose and Destiny: Each soul has a unique purpose or destiny. Discovering and fulfilling this purpose is considered a crucial aspect of the soul’s journey.

6. Challenges and Trials: The journey of the soul often involves overcoming challenges and trials. These difficulties may serve as opportunities for spiritual growth, resilience, and the development of virtues such as patience and compassion.

7. Spiritual Awakening: At various points in the journey, the soul may experience a spiritual awakening or enlightenment. This led to a deeper understanding of one’s existence, the nature of reality, and a connection to a higher power or universal consciousness.

8. Reflection and Karma: Systems incorporate the concept of karma, where the soul’s actions in past lives influence its current circumstances. Reflecting on one’s actions and making amends may be seen as part of the soul’s journey.

9. Transcendence and Liberation: The ultimate goal for many spiritual traditions is the liberation or transcendence of the soul. This involve breaking free from the cycle of birth and rebirth (reincarnation) and attaining a state of union with the divine or ultimate reality, this is where RE-BALANCING YOUR SOUL comes in.

Signs to tell when your soul has being manipulated

  1. Loss of Authenticity: Feeling disconnected from yourself and values; behaving in ways that go against your beliefs and principles.
  2. Emotional Disturbances: Experiencing unexplained or intense negative emotions; such as anxiety, fear, or depression, feeling a sense of emptiness or numbness.
  3. Lack of Inner Peace: Struggling with inner turmoil and a constant sense of unrest; Being unable to find contentment or peace within yourself.
  4. Influence by External Forces: Allowing external pressures or opinions to dictate your thoughts and actions; Feeling controlled or manipulated by societal expectations; peer pressure, or external authorities.
  5. Loss of Purpose: Feeling a lack of direction or purpose in life; Questioning the meaning and significance of your existence.
  6. Spiritual Disconnection: Feeling spiritually disconnected or estranged from your beliefs; Experiencing a loss of connection to a higher purpose or source.
  7. Unhealthy Relationships: Engaging in toxic relationships that negatively impact your well-being; Allowing others to take advantage or manipulate your emotions.
  8. Repeated Patterns of Destructive Behavior: Engaging in self-destructive behaviors or habits; Repeating negative patterns without the ability to break free.

As we are surrounding by negative forces throughout our lives! Often, we anticipating a specific event or outcome in life, such as receiving money, that frequently coincides with unexpected emergencies that demand immediate financial attention! this is just one example.

Upon closer examination, one may observe that these occurrences are not solely about the money itself, but rather a part of a broader pattern or cycle.

In this article I’m going to share with you in details how to re-balanced your soul and become a new you.

By adhering to this practice, you will develop the ability to sense and identify the presence of negative forces, guided by your spirit to effectively eliminate them, while also receiving clear insights on attracting positive energies.

Note: It is important to acknowledge that spiritual vibrations are intricately connected to one’s faith and devotion!

Balancing the soul initial preparation

This preparation is only necessary the first time you embark on the Cabalistic Cross ritual, though periodic repetition can enhance your power, as it addresses the four most influential elements surrounding us.

Requirements: Incense, Candle, Grain or Plant, Liquid Incense/Smoke (Element AIR):                                   air

Select any incense of your liking, or any substance capable of producing pleasant smoke, tailored to your space; for instance, grain incense requires an incense burner and charcoal, demanding more safety measures. Alternatively, stick incense suffices, eliminating the need for additional equipment, while still providing the necessary smoke.

“A Golden or Crystal incense burner adds an aesthetic touch to your pentagram, as gold and silver hold significance in rituals” granite can also serve this purpose. This high-quality brass incense burner set boasts an elegant design with intricate detailing, functional sizing, and an extended 30-inch chain for easy handling during ceremonies. Complete with censer, boat, and spoon for a versatile and harmonious incense offering experience. I highly recommend this burner you may click here to check it out if you haven’t own one yet.


Candle (Element FIRE):                                           fire

One candle to symbolize fire; choose a color corresponding to your zodiac sign(s). Below is a list of commonly accepted zodiac colors for each month based on traditional Western astrology:

1. January (Capricorn/Aquarius): Dark Green, Black

2. February (Aquarius/Pisces): Sky Blue, Sea Green

3. March (Pisces/Aries): Turquoise, Red

4. April (Aries/Taurus): Red, Pink

5. May (Taurus/Gemini): Green, White

6. June (Gemini/Cancer): Yellow, Cream

7. July (Cancer/Leo): Silver, White

8. August (Leo/Virgo): Gold, Orange

9. September (Virgo/Libra): Navy Blue, Brown

10. October (Libra/Scorpio): Pink, Blue

11. November (Scorpio/Sagittarius): Maroon, Purple

12. December (Sagittarius/Capricorn): Purple, Dark Green

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Grain/Plant (Element EARTH):                                 Earth

Representing earth, this can be any grain or plant, such as rice or a living plant, here are some great live house plant if you consider using one, Alternatively, a bowl of small rocks suffices. opt for a clear, brown, black, white or wooden vessel that hasn’t been previously used., I found these bowls to be great choice as they are wooden and closer to nature, using a piece that is closer to nature can definitely enhance your ritual experience.

Liquid (Element WATER):                               

Acquire a new vase, cup, or bowl to represent water, and fill it with fresh water to about 1/4 inch below its capacity, click here to get a vase.

Identifying the Position of the Four Elements:


4 elements

Two primary methods exist for identifying the positions of the four elements:

The Cabalistic sign of cross

cabalistic cross


  1. Traditional Method:

Begin by facing the rising sun, which indicate East, place your incense light it up, to represent element Air.

If you are using stick incense don’t forget to extinguish flame of the incense after constating that the incense is lit as you only need the smoke not the flame(remember to use all safety precaution when burning incense)


magical 8
Magical 8


Technological Method: Utilize your cell phone’s compass app to locate the four elements, following the same directional steps as in the traditional method.


Physical Execution of the Cross within the Four Elements:

The Cabalistic Sign Of Cross

While staying within the four elements facing east standing, kneeling or seating, (remember you are in full spiritual engagement after completing the magical eight (8) pentagram” That means do not step out of it to maintain spiritual engagement. Any deviation from this boundary disrupts the ritual, then you will have to wait past *13* days before you can start over.

Now while facing east, open or close your eyes, whichever you are comfortable with, stay silently, at this point you are surrounding with a lot of great spirits especially those contributing when your soul was originated at birth, keep hands hang loose while concentrating and still facing east.


You are addressing element air which will take your wishes to its destination, as your spirit harmonizing and you start feeling this comfortable fresh breeze, and feeling totally in control as you about to ask your spirit exactly what you want in your life. do the following:

1. In your imagination think of a bright white light comprise of multiple strings of light coming down toward your head, (your crown chakra) use your right hand to form a peaceful sign,

hand peace

bring it up to about 6-8 inches above your head using your hand to imaginary pulling down the bright light slowly toward your forehead the “Third eye Chakra” while reciting “ATEH” (meaning thou art). the kingdom.


  1. Now from ateh bring your hand down slowly to reach bellow your pubis your “Sacral Chakra” inhale and exhale.


  1. Slowly bring your hand back up to touch your breast area which is your “heart Chakra” while reciting “MALKUTH” (meaning the Kingdom)


Slowly bring your hand back down to bellow your pubis. inhale; and exhale


  1. Slowly bring your hand up to your right shoulder while reciting the phrase “VE-GEBURAH” (meaning “and the Power”)

4.From the right shoulder Slowly cross your chess to touch your left shoulder while reciting the phrase “VE-GEDULAH” (meaning “and the Glory”).


5. slowly let your hand go back down. Claps thy hands before thee to your chess say: Le-Olam meaning (forever)


At this point ensuring all problems are laid before the spirits for guidance.

Closing the Ritual:

Once the ritual is complete, all your problems are laid before the spirits, repeat the physical execution steps to seal the ritual.

Now you know how to practice the cabalistic sign of cross to rebalanced your soul, in another article i will show you more beneficial rituals you can perform within the cabalistic cross.


Upon completion, the need for ceremonial preparation diminishes, as your spirits remain active and present, allowing for ritual performance anywhere by simply making the peace sign with your fingers and following the established steps one to five. You can be in your car or anywhere practicing the cross if you feeling trap in any type of situation. See you

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