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The Cabalistic sign of the Cross is widely used in various esoteric and mystical practices.

It is a simple yet powerful gesture that helps to connect you with the spiritual forces and energies that are exist in the universe. 

Sometimes you wonder why people around you are making progress but you aren’t!

At our soul healing, we will explore the meaning and significance of the Cabalistic Cross. How to know when your soul is vagabonded, ways to retrieve it and ways to prevent it from been on the loose. Performing the sign of the cabalistic cross rituals the correct way, align and reactivate your chakras.


The sign is a powerful symbol of spiritual protection and purification.

It creates a barrier of energy that shields you from negative influences and entities.

The gesture is also key role at balancing and aligning your chakras “the energy centers in the body, promoting health and well-being”.




The greatness of a well being can be judged on how well the mind and body are balanced.

The Sign of the Cabalistic Cross do just that, it is a symbolic gesture that represents the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements are the building blocks of the physical and spiritual world, and each has its own unique properties and energies. 

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SINCE 1988

Our story

Since 1988 I have being practicing the sign of the cabalistic cross. I am excited to share with you some of my spiritual experiences and insight that I’ve being practicing during my journey. Through my experiences and knowledge, I have gained valuable insights and understanding that I believe can benefit others. As Maxime Lagacé once said, ‘Spirituality is the art of keeping your internal fire alive.’

“I am eager to share what I have learned and hope to inspire others on their own spiritual journeys.”